Alan Walkers first song he created in 2014, it is the intrumental version of his hit song "Faded" which was released 1 year later after "Fade". The song currently has over 180 million views and quickly became popular.


"Spectre" was released in 2015 and is the follow up hit from Alan Walkers song "Fade". It currently has over 100 million views making on the top 100 most viewed youtube videos.


"Force" is the third release of Alan Walker on the YouTube record label NoCopyrightSounds and it currently has over 70 million views.


"Faded" is the version of "Fade" that has vocals in it, the song ended up topping the charts in over 10 different countries giving him over 10 platinums and 2 certified golds. It became his biggest hit song and made him well known. The song has over 700 million views making it on the top 30 most liked YouTube videos. On a side note, the song became so popular that a music video was created.

Sing Me To Sleep

"Sing Me To Sleep" was released this year in 2016 after his hit "Faded". His song topped charts again but only in 5 different countries, however, it earned him 2 more certified platinums and 1 more certified gold. It also earned him the 2016 Best Norwegian Act award in the MTV Europe Music Awards. The song has over 120 million views on YouTube and was made into a music video.

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